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Our dance studio is open during the following hours:

Monday 3:45-9

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Friday closed

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So excited to make new companies this year and dance at every chance we get!


Company Rules:

*You must attend your company class/classes

*You must attend one extra recreation class

*You must make your payments timely

*You must have a postitive attitude and represent UNDS in a positive manner

(contracts will be signed and followed this year)



*You must attend auditions to be placed in a company!



*Groups will be formed differently this year. Will be explained more after auditions!



*Festival of Trees

*2 Parades

*School Performances

*Urban Reach Dance Convention

*TWO local competitions

*Monsters Dance Convention

*Color Run

*December Showcase

*June Showcase



Here is how auditions will work:


Everyone will be trying out this year! This includes my adults! AND we will all be trying out at the same time! I want to see how certain people work together and I am going into auditions with an open mind and new ideas. With that being said...Whatever happens with scores and groups we need to accept graciously, trust the process, and hold our heads high. Please trust myself and the judges to make the best groups possible. Any sort of issues will be dismissed. 


It is $50.00 for the audition morning!


9-10 Contemporary Class - everyone must take!

10-11 Hip Hop Class - everyone must take!

11-12:30 Auditions for A, B, C, Adult, Elite, and Mini Elite. 

12:30-1:30 Auditions for Contemporary 


No auditions for Dream Team - I observe throughout the month of September and ask people to accept spots the beginning of October. 


1:30-2:30 Auditions for Solos,Duets, Trios. Must have a few eight counts prepared ready to show. Will only take a couple this year! 


Results will be posted the following day!



So unbelievably proud of everyone today!! I felt like all of you walked in with energy, a positive attitude, support for others, and put everything you had into those auditions. The cheering for each other and helping those who got overwhelmed means so much more to me than the choreography I taught. I am so excited and ready to start this year with you all! 


Again, please trust the process. I bring the judges in to score you and give me a point of view other than my own. They make me think outside of the bubble and open my eyes to new ideas. Please be happy and grateful that you are put into a group and go into the next year ready to grow as a dancer and form new friendships and bonds. This year will be VERY different from last year and that is a good thing! Every year we come together and make magic happen on that dance floor. Congrats to you all!


For those of you that made Elite and Mini Elite, I will need to know within the next 24 hours if you accept or decline your spot please. 



A Company: #31, #13, #25, #5, #4, #20


B Company: #11, #6, #19, #30, #17, #22, #3, #1, #8


C Company: #32, #29, #27, #10, #23, #15, #12, #14, #24, #18, #2


Swayz: #7, #21, #26, #34, #9, #16, #28, #33



Intermediate Group - #35, #31, #4, #5, #15, #8, #11, #18

Advanced Group - #12, #27, #7, #26, #23, #33, #10


Mini Elite: #29, #23, #15, #12 (if any of those 4 do not accept their spots I will choose the next person on the list score wise)


Elite: #32, #7, #21, #27, #34, #26 (will need to speak one on one with you 6. I would like the group to have no more than 5! Due to ties in scores it put 6 of you in this group. Please let me know who accepts their spots)


Solos: RJ Chates and Lauren Ledoux

Duets: Kalli Jean and Marah Cramer


*I will work on the schedule this week to figure out where my other contemporary group is going to go. 


*I would love an email from each dancer accepting their spots. 


Thank you all!